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gold fever becoming contagious?

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    Giralia has risen two cents over the past week to .12 cents with buy volume building simultaneously.

    I've been holding and watching this one for two years now and at long last it appears to be stirring. The test will be to see whether it can hold onto its gains over the next week or so and - more interestingly - the reasons why it made those gains in the first place. I've not heard anything that might explain the rise, apart from the return to favour of gold stocks generally.

    Biotechs have grabbed the headlines but gold has been a relatively quiet achiever in the background. A gold boom is on, it's just that many don't seem to realize it yet.

    Given the artificial suppression of the gold price from the mid-nineties onwards by international banks wishing to prop up paper currencies (particularly the $US), a lot of pent-up pressure is about to break loose I believe as faith in the $US dollar as the defacto world currency (and gold surrogate) falters due to unsustainable levels of US debt.

    First stocks to rise in such a scenario are producers like NCM (which has already occurred) followed by promising newcomers like OXR (also in progress) and last of all, small spec stocks like GIR, MTB, GDN, TIR and TAA (of course I mention the ones I hold). A couple of the above are primarily nickel explorers but have gold in their tenements as well and all - bar MTB - have moved upwards in recent weeks.

    It's been a long wait for GIR but I believe all will pan out well over the next 12 months as the share price gathers momentum on the back of a general gold rush.

    All in all, speccies like GIR that have good prospective tenements and active drill programmes could go in multiples once gold fever really gets a grip. That time is not far off in my opinion. Anyone else sense a touch of gold fever in the wind?

    Just my views. Conduct your own research.

    Best of luck to all,

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