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    Can someone in simple terms what they are talking rearding the gold exploration . Good Bad Ugly

    Intelligent comments appreciated


    HOMEX - Perth


    As announced in July 2002 Inmet Mining Corporation (Inmet) have
    completed 15,000 metres of drilling in 22 holes on the Teutonic Bore
    joint venture project since January 2002, and have discovered the
    Jaguar high grade base metal deposit. The Jaguar deposit, a copper,
    zinc and silver rich body, forms a steeply dipping sheet measuring at
    least 400 metres from north to south, 300 metres vertically with a
    thickness of up to 8 metres horizontally. Massive sulphide (high
    grade) mineralisation remains open in several directions, most
    notably up-dip towards surface, and to the north. In addition there
    is potential to discover additional deposits nearby within the
    hosting EM conductor, which extends for over 1800 metres. The last
    hole of the stage 1 programme, TBD 205W, completed during July 2002,
    intersected 1.8m of massive sulphide @ 12.5% Zn, 0.8% Cu, 180 g/t Ag
    and 0.25 g/t Au.

    Inmet plan to re-commence drilling during August/September 2002, with
    2 drill rigs, concentrating within the EM conductor to continue to
    delineate the Jaguar deposit on 100 metre step-outs in areas where
    the mineralisation remains open (refer attached long-section).
    Concurrent with the drilling programme will be a preliminary
    metallurgical study to determine the recovery of the massive sulphide
    mineralisation and a resource calculation leading to a mining scoping

    NOTE: For further information on the status of this project refer to
    the Pilbara web site, Analysts contacts).

    Further ongoing exploration being considered will be the testing of
    other base metal targets within the JV project area, including a
    significant EM anomaly, 10km south of Jaguar, other defined EM
    anomalies and the Snowys Well prospect (6m @ 2.42% Zn, 5m @ 2.2%Zn
    and 1m @ 0.66% Cu) located 4km south of Jaguar and the continuation
    of the EM geophysical survey north of the old Teutonic Bore mine to
    delineate further conductive targets in this area. There are a number
    of anomalous base metal prospects already outlined. EM survey
    coverage in previous historical exploration in this area is very


    As reported in the June 2002 Quarterly Report, stage 1 of an air core
    drilling programme testing an under-explored area on the western
    tenement boundary was due for completion in July 2002. 9,647 metres
    were drilled in 202 holes covering approximately 12km of strike.

    Drilling was within an area of interpreted mafic and ultramafic
    rocks, with associated structures, and with the potential to host
    gold and nickel mineralisation.

    GOLD 22 holes reported gold assays of 20ppb or above, up to 770ppb
    Au. The main area of gold mineralisation in 2 adjacent holes shows
    weathered and altered volcanics and sediments with associated quartz
    veins and a west-north west structure on the trend of the Royal
    Arthur gold mine. Further work will be completed following up these
    highly anomalous results.

    Further drilling is also proposed over an identified "gold corridor",
    covering some 5km of strike and including previous RAB and air core
    drilling results of 4m @ 5.79 g/t Au from 34m, 4m @ 2.5g/t Au from
    32m, 16m @ 1.82g/t Au from 54m, 4m @ 2.9g/t Au. Drilling by previous
    explorers appears not to have penetrated the alluvial cover in many

    NICKEL (INMET JV) drilling has outlined a highly anomalous
    ultramafic unit, over 4km in length, with values up to 0.35% Ni and
    associated anomalous cobalt. A number of EM conductive targets
    outlined in historical surveys have been identified in this area,
    which may represent high-grade nickel accumulations, and have not
    previously been drill tested. A more detailed EM survey is proposed
    to define targets for follow-up drill testing.

    The major EM conductor identified by Inmet, south of Jaguar, is also
    adjacent to this anomalous ultramafic unit. Further interpretation
    and drilling are proposed in this area.

    Stage 2 regional and target drilling for gold and nickel will
    commence in the near future, subject to Heritage requirements, and
    will concentrate on the nickel and gold prospects outlined above.
    Significant results will be reported when available.


    Following further interpretation, Pilbara have commissioned Outer Rim
    Geophysical Consultants (used by Inmet to discover Jaguar) to carry
    out an EM survey over the Lennons Find base metal deposit, SE of
    Marble Bar in the Pilbara region of WA. The survey will cover strike
    extensions to the known resource and the mineralised contact zone
    over approximately 5km and provide indications of areas of
    concentration of the massive sulphide and hence provide definitive
    drill targets for follow-up.

    ASX Code: PIL Telephone: (08) 9322 9999
    [email protected]

    J Davis

    A copy of the full announcement including the map is available in PDF
    format on Alternatively it is available for purchase
    from ASX Customer Service on 1 300 300 279.

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