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    Br 2,

    From your posts I am sure you have a better handle on the companies you mention than I have.

    I recently got out of CRS not because I have any insights into it's price future but because I like to play the speckys with high leverage.

    With respect to CUL I bought into it at about 2.6 cents
    and would not buy into it at current prices. If it can establish a resistance around 4 cents with forays into the low 5's I would look to buy more in the low 4's.

    Cul has maintained good narrow trading ranges as it has risen. One of the things you need to be aware of with Cullen is that sentiment invariably changes if nothing happens and you need to be in a position to get out quickly and with a profit if possible. Thats why I am not buying anymore at present.

    It has some cash,is tied up with a few good JV partners
    and is in propective tenements. My guess is that if some action occurs CUL could quickly appreciate.

    I don't know whether CEO's should risk their money in a specky.

    It's good to remember that this is a very risky sector(explorers) and I only sit in a stock for the longer term when I have enough buffer to get out without loss.

    I hate losing money.

    Can't think of any smart Alec comments today.


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