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Gold drilling to start in July.

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    Today SKR announced a further soil anomaly and that drilling of their gold soil anomalies was scheduled to start in July.

    With the bulk sampling of the Seppelt kimberlite in progress at the moment and the coming gold exploration drilling in July, the next couple of months will hopefully bring exciting times for Striker.
    Which will they have first, a diamond mine or a gold mine? Hopefully both.

    Company Announcement

    Course Gold Fraction Results - Oombulgurri Gold Project


    HOMEX - Perth

    The company is pleased to advise that analysis of the coarser
    fraction soil samples over the entire 88 Creek Gold anomaly area (2km
    by 2km area) continues to reinforce the continuity and geometry of
    the previously reported gold results and identify large drill


    * Within the Western Anomaly (defined on a 100m by 100m grid), seven
    of the nineteen anomalous samples exceeded 1.0 g/t gold and occur as
    a discrete +700m long cluster within a fault bound corridor.

    * Three of the seven samples are in excess of 2.4g/t gold, the peak
    being coincident with previously reported +16g/t gold in soil sample.

    * A third gold in soil anomaly revealed 400 metres to the northeast
    with a 3.5g/t gold peak. Infill sampling to commence shortly.

    * Commencement of an extensive aeromagnetic and radiometric surveys.

    * Striker has recently completed an approximate 1200 soil sample
    program over a prospective structural corridor, which is host to
    visible gold in drainage, numerous faults, veins and breccia
    occurrences, some 15km's north west of the 88 creek project area.

    * The area covered by the sampling program is approximately 15km by
    7km. All samples have been submitted to the laboratory, and results
    are anticipated within the coming week.

    * The company is currently finalizing drilling contracts for a
    scheduled July start date.


    In addition to low level aeromagnetic and radiometric surveys
    (currently underway) and geological mapping, Striker has re submitted
    all 88 Creek soil samples, for gold analysis of the coarser soil

    The analysis of the coarser fraction (-500micron plus 200micron soil)
    was initiated in order to compare and assess the robustness of the
    existing -200micron soil anomaly (geometry and continuity). The
    -200micron gold results, were previously reported as defining two
    discrete and continuous gold anomalies (Western and Eastern
    Anomalies), which had a strike length of up to 1.5km


    * the Western anomaly is continuous over 1.5kms (100 to 300m wide)
    and includes a zone of approximately 750m hosting +1,000ppb gold
    (1g/t gold). This zone hosts the previous reported 16.7g/t and
    10.5g/t gold soil results. The anomaly is coincident with the
    intersection of two major local fault structures.

    * the Eastern anomaly is broadly parallel to the Western Anomaly and
    is 900m long (100 to 500m wide). It hosts a 600m long zone of
    4-100ppb gold. Previously reported 1.33g/t gold soil results occur
    within this zone.

    Analysis of the coarser fraction soils, has re-produced the
    geometrical pattern of the -200 micron soils, particularly
    reinforcing the continuity of the plus 1.0g/t gold zone, which was
    previously reported as being up to 750m in length. As summarised
    above, the rich nature of the Western Anomaly is reflected in the
    fact that seven of the nineteen samples that make up the anomaly are
    in excess of 1.0g/t, with three of these being over 2.4g/t gold. The
    geometry depicted by these results are entirely consistent with
    locally mapped intersecting fault structures, which cut vertically
    through the flat lying Proterozoic sedimentary and volcanic sequence.

    Analysis of the courser fraction has also revealed a third gold in
    soil anomaly, 400 metres northeast of the previously reported Eastern
    The anomaly peak is 3-5g/t gold, and occurs within volcanics, and
    lies beneath the level of the altered sandstones which host the
    Western and Eastern Anomalies.
    The anomaly is open to the north and east, and will be subject to
    infill sampling with immediate effect.


    The company further advises that excellent progress has been made
    towards the delineation of further drill targets in the greater 88
    Creek Area. A program of approximately 1200 soil samples covering a
    prospective structural corridor l5km by 7km has recently been
    completed. Field observations from the program are encouraging, with
    large areas of altered sediment and volcanics being documented,
    including the identification of new vein structures and gossan.

    Striker anticipates results from this program will become available
    within the next 7-10 days.

    C Dodd

    Information in this report, which relates to pro resource
    mineralisation is based on and accurately reflects information
    compiled by Mr Tom Reddicliffe, a full time employee of the company.
    Mr Reddicliffe has relevant experience in relation to the
    mineralisation being reported on to qualify as a competent person as
    defined in the Australasian Code for Reporting of Identified Mineral
    Resources and Ore Reserves.


    Samples have been analysed by the classical fire assay process using
    a 40gm portion of sample and giving a total separation of gold,
    platinum, and palladium. As a check Au, Ph, Pd, Cu, and Zn were also
    determined using ICP optical Emission Spectrometry. The pathfinder
    elements As, Sb, Cm, Ph, Zn, Se, Te, TI, W and Hg were determined
    using ICP mass Spectrometry.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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