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gold buying by central banks signals buy

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    The spin that gold buying by central banks signals a top in gold is more disinformation designed to keep the majority of people out of what can protect them as the US dollar bubble progresses - gold.

    We're not seeing the Bank of England loading up on gold are we? Remember, it was the Bank of England that publicly announced it would be selling its gold before dumping on the market at lows as part of a gold suppression scheme that at the time was working.

    What we are now seeing is nations like China, currently overloaded in US dollars, and low in gold, gradually getting rid of their US dollars for hard assets - gold and other commodities.

    China is NOT a party to gold suppression as proven beyond reasonable doubt by GATA.

    China understands the US dollar is a lame duck currency backed by nothing but hot air spin and is being devalued by a US dollar printing bubble to worthlessness. China understands that because of this it makes perfect sense to diversify out of US dollars and into hard assets. China understands it is NOT gold, but US dollar creation and US bond creation (US borrowing) that are in a bubble.

    It is some Western media spin, under the influence of interested parties such as US banksters, that knowingly or unknowingly is still waging a gold disinformation campaign, as the last thing the banksters want is for Main Street investors to start removing what is left of their savings from banks and into gold and gold equities. The banksters are enjoying having the use of Main Street's money, while paying Main Street a paltry rate of interest that does not keep up with real inflation.

    We all know gold is in a generational bull market this century. Gold will not be a sell until investing in gold and gold equities has become well and truly mainstream.
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