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    If investors are able to choose quality gold stocks a buy and hold strategy during a gold bull brings great returns.

    Of course this is easier said than done, as daily fluctuations can be quite wild with gold equities, let alone weekly or monthly fluctuations.

    A buy and hold strategy can bring great returns with quality finacials when they are in a 10 year or so bull market.

    Gold equities are no different. Though paper bugs of course will confuse the issue and dispute this.

    Anyone who purchased Central Norseman Gold at the end of 1976 and held into 1980 could have made over 130 times their original investment.

    Over a similar time frame Gold Mines of Kalgoorlie increased by 100 times.

    These were Australia's two main gold companies at that time.

    10, 20, 50 baggers were nothing special.
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