Gold Bugs

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    "Hello, I'm Lt. Lawrence Frego, USNR (RET.), a retired
    Naval Intelligence Analyst and the CEO of the Highlander
    Gold Mining Co. What I have to tell you today may save
    your hard earned money and possibly even your life. As
    few Americans realize the severity of the upcoming
    economic, social, and military disasters on the near
    horizon, I'm providing this vital information free of
    charge to our readers. Newsletters with 1/10 th the
    value of this information charge up to $8,000/ year for
    vital investment information. We're going to give you
    10 years of research with NO holds barred. And yeah, we're
    going to name names and expose the greatest crimes of
    this century or any other. You've only got between 6-18
    months to "get it" or you're likely to "crash and burn"
    with all the rest."
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