gold ... beware of an imment large price move

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    Traders commitmnets are invariably wrong.

    Market is way-way-way too-lopsided for anyone good.

    Who will capitulate first?

    The longs or the shorts?

    If I were to have a bet would be that the longs will capitulate before the shorts do.

    Despite all the geopolitical problems around the globe, gold deserved to be a lot higher, but it isn't?

    Think about it people... every man, woman and their dogs and cats, television stations, experts, writes, editors are all tipping the great bull market in gold.

    Why have had a bull market in gold ... from about $250/oz to about $350/oz .. a whooping 40% rise.

    Senior and mature gold equities are going backwards rather than keeping up with the price of gold, from their recent peaks.

    The lunar rises in hopefull junior mining stocks is renemissent of the ".dot-trash" crash rational.

    Bulls, Keep on buying and holding gold equities at 40, 50, 100 PER.

    Neither short or long gold or gold stocks except for AVO compliments of Heron (HRR)
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