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I think it depends on what one interprets as manipulation. I...

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    I think it depends on what one interprets as manipulation. I agree that a professional trader placing bogus intentions to trade should have the book thrown at them (and their employer more so).

    What intrigues me is in a free market how can that change anything other than for a very limited period of time ?

    If some entity wants to 'artificially' drive down a price then the other side would buy up to neutralise the effect. If something is truly a bargain then it would be snapped up quick smart.

    I think manipulation can only happen in closed markets such as what happened with Libor.

    There is an argument that very large players (bottomless capital behind them) could put pressure beyond what the market can withstand - buyers that see a bargain hold off due to the 'onslaught'. That could happen but I just don't think it is as prevalent as some would have believe. Forces of supply/demand are more powerful than a single entity attempting to force a position.
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