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    Hi, Rallytime Stateside.

    July 24th, in the States, should go down as one of the great days in the annuals of short covering, worldwide. ...... legendary Spring reactions by hammer candles in major markets. ......... Note VIX hit 56+ briefly much like Sept 20th-21st last. .......Gold sold off further in the rush for immediately usable cash at this moment, as it did back in 1998, even if upside is far from proven this time, as proved the case then.

    European markets similar parabolic sell off. Bounced.

    The Euro Top 100, closed a tad early to really benefit:$EUR,uu[d,a]dhclyyay[d20010919,20020930][pf][vc60][i]&pref=G

    DAX, Deutscheland, went far below lows of Sept last, then screamed up:$DAX,uu[d,a]dhclyyay[d20010919,20020930][pf][vc60][i]&pref=G

    UK FTSE, also well below Sept last, bounced:$FTSE,uu[d,a]dhclyyay[d20010919,20020930][pf][vc60][i]&pref=G

    Such extremes rarely persist for more than a few days, even with thousands dead, and anthrax in the post, so current behaviour may be exceptional in delaying gratification, like Sept/ October, 1998.

    Might this scenario re-occur if bad news bears regain dominance, .......note the twin $INDU downspikes, five weeks apart, back in 1998, as a sequence of malevolent events surfaced. ...... Does the wait to August 14th, affadavit provision by CEOs, provide such a posssiblity?$INDU,uu[d,a]dhclyyay[d19980806,19981230][pf][vc60][i]&pref=G

    More importantly look at the downspike in the US $XAU that time, early September, 1998, with cash briefly very highly favored. Note recovery rate. Look familiar ?$XAU,uu[d,a]dhclyyay[d19980806,19981230][pf][vc60][i]&pref=G

    $XAU since mid- September last. Current momentum appeared parabolically capitulative ( check it's 1998 behaviour, above ) :$XAU,uu[d,a]dhclyyay[d20010920,20020930][pf][vc60][i]&pref=G

    VIX hit a heady parabolic 56+ as in September last, if anyone is interested:$Vix,uu[d,a]dhclyyay[d20010920,20020930][pf][vc60][i]&pref=G

    Liquid cash is immensely usable at these very moments, not gold, that can wait some days to take it's chances, as in the great event of 1998.

    Regards to all,

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