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gold and the state of the world.

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    In my humble opinion I would have to say Gold stock like lgl or ncm would be FAR better investments compared to ozl.
    All you need to do is read some of the posts at ozl and you will see how pathetic some of them are. Many of the posters have lost a tonne of money and seem to celebrate every time ozl moves up 3 or 4 cents. Its really sad. Bad investors who listen to their egos and cant accept failure.
    As for lgl we see large moves both up and down and so volatility can be a benefit.
    The US dollar will eventually go into a slide once much of the unwinding in complete and this is great for Gold.
    The base metals will continue to cop a shlacking whilst the building permits in the us are down or there is a general pointing to recession in the US and Europe.
    Its a bit of a joke really when you consider that the yanks have debased their currency and the market which should be foward looking needs to factor in someone somewhere dumping the USD.
    It could be Russia doing it..it could be China but eventually when most countries realise that the us of a con no longer be of benefit in helping to sustain their ecomony watch all the action begin. Someone is getting ready to commit Financial terrorism on the USA and it will be on a scale which will make 9/11 look like some small abberation. Personally I cant wait. I resent what they have created and the mess they have put the rest of the world in and its all due to greed. To hell with them and their miserable usd.
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