Gold and Silver

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    Take a look at Bud Fox's (Tony Locantro) article on the Gold Eagle web site, it's a good read and gives great international exposure to a number of Australian stocks on a site that has over 3,000,000 hits a month from more than 150 countries.
    Has to be good news for Australian Shareholders, nothing better than stimulating o'seas interest in our mining companies and tempting their money. With the exchange rate the way it is, albeit our dollar rising against the US$, it still represents great value to US investors....BUT....they have to know we exist .
    Tony's article, with more to come, could be just what the doctor ordered to garner foreign well as their dollars.
    (MMN, which he refers to, has a second drilling rig firing up this month on the Texas, Qld. project).
    Let the good times roll !! Perhaps that should be rephrased to "let the good times continue to roll".
    His book, "The Green Room", is well worth a read too, and is a handy reference point.
    Regards & good luck,

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