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    The know it all Greenspan talked about the great economic recovery and how jobs were just around the corner. He sounded like a wall street analyst on CNBC. Is this the keenest mind in the economic brain trust, or just another pumper?

    The other night retail sales fell into the negative zone and job claims spiked. How long can Greenspan and company flap their jaws, and hold up the face of train wreck reality. At some point confidence in these bankers is going to fade and collapse.

    When is congress going to act to protect the people against unfair trade? Most likely never. Their pockets are filled with transnational special interest cash, they have been knifing US workers in the back for 25 years.

    Our economic scenario means the dollar is going to drop and drop and drop and drop. Probably as much as 40-50% as Buffet, Soros, and Templeton have predicted. Who do you trust, a charltan like Greenspan and the G-7 manipulators trying to paper over his credit bubble, or rational observers of the long term situation?

    You got to love gold now with these huge trade and government deficits, fake GDP, and a dollar that has no protection.

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