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gold about 70k from burraga

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    This may be of interest re RAU at Burraga.

    ALK has reported "Further Significant Gold Results from McPhillamys Core".

    Read their latest ann.

    McPhillamys Core is near Blayney.

    If you look at a map, Burraga is about 70k from Blayney as the crow flies.

    I suppose it doesn't mean much except there is gold in the area.

    If you read the hidtory of the Central West of NSW, gold was found all over the place. The best known being, Hill End (where HEG is about to start trial production, see their ann.), Sofala (near Bathurst) and Summer Hill Creek.

    There's still gold in them hills, its just a matter of finding sufficeint quantaties!

    The bottom line is that the chances of finding good gold deposits at Burraga, given the history of the district, must be pretty good.
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