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    Hi B2.Gold may not be a great place to be at the moment but then you gotta be in it to win it.Every time I shift cash around to chase the movers it seems I just catch up with those selling so Ive had a change in philosophy back to a spread over my favs.Id take FPs newsletter with a grain of salt as far as their recommendations go as they put a disclaimer to the effect they hold alk shares.So its not to say they arnt doing a rene on the subscribers.However I would think they could only publish facts re what alk are doing and noticed that they were in fact carrying out a deep hole to see just what the geology holds deeper down below current drilling at WY.

    As far as Mac bank goes,as I said,their intentions,I believe,are fairly mercenary.In and out for their quick 10/20%.Theres good support mid 40s.So as long as this remains intact and good news keeps flowing from WY,Zirc JV,Moorilda etc theres no reason to think it wont keep trending up.I certainly hope so as I got in around 44.5 a while ago.Shouldve sold at 55/6 but then I didnt think it was coming back down.Call it blind faith.Ive been told hold till 80c ish.We'll see though.
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