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going to take off very soon. i'm in.

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    I'm quite convinced NSL will be one of the next biotechs to take off.

    It broke out above its 2 year high of $0.39 a couple of weeks ago and has consolidated at $0.40 since then.

    Technicals point to a run to 60 odd, to be exact, in about 10 days time, but in this environment perhaps sooner.

    For those technical buffs, I recommend looking at a 2 year chart. It is a real treat. Pleasing to the eye!

    So I'm set.

    They are by the way beginning a highly technical dentistry program in Singapore using some wizz bang technology.

    market cap about 20 mill.

    PS - I'm still relaxed holding CCE. I can see 60 in days.

    All the best
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