TOL 0.00% $9.02 toll holdings limited

going the way of Wesfarmers

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    Well,looks like the great run is over for now......just hit $30. Here's a repeat of a post I made a couple of weeks ago:
    Well..................the break of that triangle I was talking about happened yesterday and I was out at 34.02 on open this morning. I may be wrong and this company seems to be just getting going,but the exit indicator I use on growth stocks is VERY accurate and served me well on COH,WES,MRL, name it. So I'm out.............this doesn't mean it won't continue to grow but that I believe the odds of it providing very large returns (30%+ pa) are behind it and would expect it to stay in a consolidation pattern at best from here.

    I was really attached to TOL and believe it's a fantastic business but I'll follow my system here. Happy to take a 300% profit at any time!


    Wondering what the rest of the TOL holders out there are doing.............are you going to hold on ??
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Currently unlisted public company.

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