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going no where fast

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    i have not sold lumacom last week or this week as stated in other posts = ( re qtm guess who dumped )
    infact as stated in previuos posts i may well buy more shares if this dip allows ,
    lum has a great future imo and unlike yourself i will inform when indeed i do sell :)
    you see gominer i am an invester
    not a daytrader trying to queasy newby posters looking for help out of there hard earned dollars
    many of which may not be as priveleged as you ,do you not have a conscience ?
    you would not have stated that you sold qtm yesterday on open if indeed , i had not coaxed this information from you
    is this what your intentions are with you new found email club ramp and dump on members ??? at your will

    i suggest all investers do there own research on stocks befor buying , and also run a stop loss
    regards gaga
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