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    Think this way
    If you are Saddam and you have WMD and the US wants to attack you. You know they're going to do it because nobody can stop them. What is the best thing for you to do? Make them (the US) look like liars. So, either you clean up your back yard you really you have no WMD anyway.
    If you are the US, what should you do? You should think like Saddam and say, what if we don't find the WMD? We will look like liars?
    That's why the cause for the attack has shifted from finding who crashed the planes, to Saddam has WMD to liberation of the Iraqi people, to looking for the WMD in Syria and then Lebanon (small, easy countries first) to Pakistan, Iran, Nth Korea, China (Viet Nam again) and begin again with maybe Afganistan.

    So this war had never been about the weapons but about the oil wells. Mr Howard talked about them today.
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