god botherers in trouble

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    G'day folks,

    A short while back the god botherers were rejoicing because they claimed the first hard evidence of Jesus (there is no mention of him outside of the Bible) had been found. The proof being a burial box which was inscribed in Aramaic words to the effect of 'James brother of Jesus' - Jesus was said to have had siblings one of which was James. The siblings must have been younger cos if you recall the story Mary was a virgin (ho, ho) at the time of his inception.

    Now the truth is out - the box, or more partuclarly the inscription is a fake. Just shows the extent to which these poor forlorn and deluded folk will go to to try and prove the Bible is a true statement of history and facts and not, what it really is, a bunch of stories put together to develop a an alleged superior sect and moral code of behaviour. Some of course is not particularly moral at all.

    There you go folks its all a fake. I think the atheists are probably leading 59 - 0 against the god botherers now.
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