god blesses bush

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    Politics is a show business. A new videotape of Osama bin Laden hit the headlines just days before the election. And possibly as a result, George W. Bush attained victory. Amid hysteria over terrorism in the U.S., many Americans did not have the luxury of judging whether or not the U.S.¡¯s case for war on Iraq was built on facts.
    The race between Democrat John F. Kerry and Republican George W. Bush crystallized Bush¡¯s Achilles¡¯ heel, the War on Iraq. Yet Bin Laden has inadvertently revived the war politics¡¯ flagging momentum. Bush put American voters to a patriotism test _ are you an American first, or are you simply a voter? He tried to employ a ``wag-the-dog¡¯¡¯ style; desperately seeking to divert the American public¡¯s attention from the current economic difficulties.

    Moreover, with Evangelical born-again Christians rallying behind Bush¡¯s, a victory was almost inevitable.

    Bush¡¯s hate game will rekindle. He will bully the weak rather than engage them again. His re-election has eroded hopes of an end of his evangelical belief in the U.S. military power.

    The foreign policy team he is assembling will have a distinctly defense-oriented cast. He may use military power to spread ``American values¡¯¡¯ and fight ``evil,¡¯¡¯ defined in Christian terms again. Bush sees the war on terror as a religious war. He has used the media as his propaganda weapon to camouflage his sinister motive: to roll back ``evil¡¯¡¯ and replace it with someone more conciliatory.

    ``Rogue state¡¯¡¯ is a euphemism for a nation disobedient or less conciliatory to the U.S. government. The Bush administration¡¯s high-tech version of the ``tomahawk diplomacy¡¯¡¯ adopts scare tactics: justifying a military build-up by magnifying the threats from an enemy.

    Bush¡¯s re-election will provide a bonanza for the U.S. military-industrial complex, but it will be the seed for calamity in a ``rogue nation.¡¯¡¯

    American people may have to live with terrorism. Yet the rest of the world may have to live in constant fear of Bush¡¯s war on terror.

    To the U.S. allies and adversaries, Bush¡¯s message is clear enough: Toe the line. Yet as Philip Bowring, a columnist for The International Herald Tribune, put it, ``The United States may feel almighty; but to maximize its positive global influence it needs friends, and they have their own legitimate national interests.¡¯¡¯

    Kim Hyong-eok
    Namyangju, Kyonggi Province

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