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goconnect expanding + wireless internet deals

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    Goconnect are now expanding to Perth and Adelaide.
    They are now making money from the ISP business after restructuring and are looking for extra market share.

    Having said that it will probably be peanuts compared with the deals they are doing with mobile phone networks.

    Goconnect is a strange company in that the ISP business is a very minor part.
    The technolgy they have can be used by anyone regardless on what ISP they use.
    Companies using the tech to transmit information pay GCN to use their tech.

    Mobile phone technology should be the thing that gets them going.
    I am not saying I fully understand all this but from what I can work out it's like this.

    The new style of mobile phones will be the GPRS which has a colour screen.
    At present the best anyone can do is send a still picture.
    Using Goconnect tech they can send video clips, news, sport, ect with T.V. quality.
    It is push rather than pull tech which means I think, instead of downloading info when you need it, ie at peak times which is expensive.
    Goconnect use idle time to store info wich is played when you want.
    For example, if you are on the train going home you can view music clips, see the Warner music deal, news, sport, movie clips and it will cost the carriers nothing to do it.
    So the cost to them is nothing, (but for the license to Goconnect to use it)
    Nokia predicts by 2007 300 Mill phones will have colour screens.
    They need something to make it worthwhile for you to buy such a phone, no good having a colour sreen and nothing on it.
    Goconnect has the technology.
    The most popular of these phones will be the O2 XDA developed by Microsoft.
    We are talking sight and sound.
    These carriers or companies will need this technology to have an edge, once one get it then others will want to keep up with the opposition.
    Warner Music for example, the other big music companies will have to follow siut.
    Kids love mobile phones and music, so they will be able to see and hear their music clips down at the mall.
    And maybe send them to each other, there is no boundries now.

    How many phone companies, carriers, advertisers will be interested in this technology.
    From a company who at present has shares at 9 cents.
    Don't forget this is not possible anywhere else in the world, and they have a patent.

    The word is this will make a lot of money from just licensing the technology and not down the track, now.
    Advertising is not relied upon unlike with the ISP, it is purely at this stage for these companies here and overseas to use the technology.
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