goblins leave some silver 4 me please., page-2

  1. 3,794 Posts.

    Has Goblins got something wrong?????????

    I am amazed & astonished because Goblins only finds it necessary to comment on every second post & not every post.

    We all Know the majority of Goblins money is tied up in ORP.

    If ORP pays off for goblins we will keep seeing goblins for many years.

    If ORP falls down in aheap I suspect goblins will not have enough money for a internet connection.

    Even with DODO & $10 per month.

    Ocasionally I reply to Goblins comments on stocks I hold because I think their might be some retards holding the same stocks as me(retards are into shares too!)>

    Goblins has some very strong views.

    May I suggest what Goblins believes is relavant for us all.

    We must respect the opinion of people like Goblins because as the wind changes so do do people in general(like goblins).

    As strong & secure as holders of a stock may feel we must be prepared for the likes of Goblins & the wind.

    If we choose not to we do at our own peril.

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