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    * arabs are stoopid as opposed to stupid

    * isrealis are just as religiously nutcassed as their
    palestinean counterparts

    * a well place terrorists nuclear bomb would solve a lot
    of problems.

    * iran and iraq need to be both democraised

    * islam needs to undergo some serious belief changes
    to match western pattrens.

    * the big question is why the United states hates isreal
    so much - well lets start with biased US support of
    isreal and a whole neglect of the palestiean cause -
    which of course is run by criminals and nutcases lead
    by yassah arafat

    * The simple solution is to make palestine part of
    jordan and redefine isreal borders to 1947 standard.

    * Of course we all know that religion makes people into
    nutcases and idiots and biggots therefore i propose
    banning islam and jewish citizens from isreal - ship
    em off to the United states and allow its settlement
    by chinesse nationalists.

    * Or perhaps rebalancing the population of isreal with
    more non jewish citizens. That would be a start

    * Also a more balanced US appraoch to the whole
    middle east problem starting with redifining isreali
    borders and the assaination of yassah arafat. Then
    things can move forward.
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