Goblin hits 10,000 views on stayz.com.au tonight

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    But why stayz? Doesn't seem to allow enough options. If I use airbnb I can make many more selections eliminating dozens of properties which wouldn't suit. Makes it much quicker to find one that I want.

    I found the overall quality of websites poor. Many would refresh after each option, which was clumsy and time-consuming. At least Stayz isn't that bad!

    Frinstance, always want WiFi, car parking space, 5 guests in three bedrooms, whole place, apartment or house; airbnb's selections narrow it down to 5 from 50 on stayz' maximum criteria.

    Can't put most of that into Stayz. Then, just for a trial, I went to Stayz Melbourne and put in a search for accomodation for five guests. The first one that pops up is:

    Apartments @ Kew Q105 (1 or 2 Bedrooms)

    Serviced Apartments in 105 Walpole Street, Kew, VIC

    Either one bedroom with a queen bed; or two bedrooms with a queen and two singles. Tits on a bull look positively useful compared to Stayz, which is giving me accomodation which won't even take 5 people!

    Then the second one is the same! Only sleeps four people - by now, if I would have dumped Stayz as just a time-wasting site. They say that they have 160 properties that match my criteria, but if they aren't lying they are just incompetent.

    Which means that although you've got 10,000 hits, most of them probably wanted to stuff a pineapple up the website's IP port.

    But, the important thing is that you're doing well!
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    AirBNB I also use , they're definitely cheaper to go through than Stayz website, but they keep the whole booking fee until after the guests have stayed!!!! AirBNB use other peoples money to then invest with which offsets the cheaper rates it sets, if that makes sense?

    With Stayz I make sure I get a 50% deposit in my account even if the booking is months or even a year away.

    The other trick is paying extra to be at the top of website each month. According to research people look no further than the first page or the first 3 properties that they find. The other trick is providing the best linen in town, and providing them breakfast, coffee, cheese, biscuits, Tim Tams, orange juice milk and free Wifi.
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