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goblin are you there?

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    Last week I made the following post in response to your claims about MAP.

    For whatever reason you have not responded to date.

    To be fair, before you go on with your continuous ramping for this stock any self-respecting HC-erite would respond


    For the benefit of all of your fans out there in HC Land any chance you can clarify your claims about SSB upgrading MAP.

    I have gone to the effort to provide documented proof that your claim is false - at the least you should provide to the forum evidence to support your claim.

    I don't want to bait ya (much), but a failure to respond may well be interpreted by many as one of the many "fantasy" claims made by some other posters' on HC.

    Posters' such as HellsaLoser, Monogamy, etc., immediately spring to mind.
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