gobblin announcement !

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    In a stunning announcemt to all at Hotcopper,confirmed butt buccaneer goblin came out of the closet in a huge way.

    Cockgoblin as he nows prefers to be addressed; made the following announcement which i am happy to attach.

    Dateline Blacktown council caravan park, shitehole #4

    Cockgoblin renouned market loser and holder of Grannies 40 AMP shares and 2 OXR shares found in Bond street confirmed his camp status this morning " I love all penises as i am their king...!",

    "singas was correct in sugesting that i finally announce to the world my enjoyment of men and all manly things."

    Cockgoblin bypassed the metrosexual route and headed straight for gayland status to assume his rightfull role as a gay investing icon.

    Please send him your best regards.

    Chairman of the drive goblin mental foundation or

    our motto is " oops, we broke his mind .."
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