The EU is finished ... The OLD WORLD (False) Aristocracy =...

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    The EU is finished ... The OLD WORLD (False) Aristocracy = CONTROL is OVER.

    {{{ THEY }}} will never SUCCEED  in 'controlling' the masses with FEAR POLICIES.

    Will the RUN on banks as planned be the final straw

    Notice MACRON is not attending DAVOS = AFRAID ???

    French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday canceled his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos in late January, citing a busy schedule including debates launched in response to the Yellow Jackets protests.

    The goal is to maintain pressure on the government to heed Yellow Vest protesters’ demands – in particular the right to propose and vote on new laws – by hitting them where it hurts: the economy. If every customer withdraws all the cash they have deposited with even a solvent bank at the same time, no financial institution has the sufficient funds to pay out to their clients. Yellow Vest protesters hope that if they can cripple at least one bank, it will have a knock-on effect.

    “There are a lot of people who are prepared to… withdraw their money from banks,” Maxime Nicolle, a prominent member of the movement, said in a video posted on Facebook also on January 7. “Because you’re making money with our cash, and we’re fed up.”

    Bank run ‘difficult, if not impossible’

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