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glossy annual report

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    Very impressive, but all hype and promises?
    Where is the substance? Let's have a look at a couple of quotes

    1."The company is striving to achieve an electricity
    customer base of 100,000 within the next 12 months".
    that wording seems to pour a bit of cold water on previous statements - striving does not necessarily mean on target.
    Am I being too negative?

    2."The Board and management will continue to support the share price with announcements and market updates to ensure the market is aware of our progress."
    eh? share price has been going down.

    3."Jackgreen announced it reached 50,000 customers in February 2008."
    a bit rough to be reading that in October.Has any more happened?

    4. "our total energy customer sign ups moving to 55,000 by the year end."
    woooosh! that's another 5000 in 4 months - at that rate they'll get to 100,000 target in 3 years!

    5."Jackgreen’s financial goals are to:
    – reach 100,000 customers in 12 months and 200,000 within
    3 years;"
    now I'm confused!

    Fair dinkum - if you believed these blokes you'd be hopping on for the ride! I've been riding for 2 years but it's all been downhill.

    I hope any interested parties get more information than shareholders - I have no idea what they are worth any more.
    ..........but I'm still hanging in there!
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