Gloom and doom in Victoria

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    There is not much to be happy about
    in Victoria.

    Finally the covid numbers are coming down.

    But the inner north and west suburbs
    continue to produce new infections.

    Most of these are not or can't be traced.

    Given there are two main sources
    both in the city
    Why is regional Victoria in stage 4 lockdown
    when there are no virus cases there.

    Premier Dan gets caught out lying almost daily.
    He offers spin and rarely answers questions.

    News of hotspots is so vague to be useless
    Never mentioning suburb.

    In the election coming "Dan is toast"
    according to polls.

    Voters have a Liberal Party alternative in
    Michael O'Brien.
    He doesn't speak much in the press, but
    every time he does he lets us know
    that he has no idea.

    Alternative Premier - sadly no way.

    In one town a retirement village and associated hospital
    went into voluntary lockdown and testing.
    No covid, no deaths.

    It can be done if there is a plan - attention Vic Health.
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