The vast majority of scientists say they have the proof...

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    The vast majority of scientists say they have the proof regarding CC

    What's the back-up plan if the deniers turn out to be wrong?

    By then it will be very expensive to mitigate the problem if at all

    The consensus and thoughts of 97% of scientists who believe there is a growing issue is a good starting point is a strong endorsement for change.

    Then the inputs of deniers and skeptics can be presented in order to nut out the best responses.

    This is a way to try to ensure we don't throw away the future of billions yet to be born who could be sentenced to a difficult life.

    It would be costly, but there will also be many technological spin-offs and advancements that will greatly benefit the planet.

    I believe in time CO2 will become a valuable resource to be harvested and turned into low cost building materials, foods and a host of products not yet imagined.

    But we cannot let things get out of control as we may lose such opportunities.

    There is a huge gamble in play

    How much are billions of lives worth along with how much suffering will result when people are condemned to live in a difficult and squalid world?
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