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global oilseed stocks tank 30pc in one year

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    From the latest Grainpool oilseed report (26th Feb, 2008):

    "World canola and rapeseed ending stocks are expected to reduce by 2.3 million tonnes to only 4 million tonnes this year. This equates to an available stocks to usage rate of 8.1%, compared to 12.8% last season. A similar situation is also predicted for the 10 major oilseeds globally, with ending stocks projected to reduce to 60.6 million tonnes, down from 83.4 million tonnes last year."

    So now can anyone or even management of this company tell me why they are not interested in growing tree crops that give them their carbon credits but also generate valuable food commodities such as oilseeds.

    There are a number of dryland drought tolerant tree crops which yield oilseeds and being trees still sequester carbon ...

    How long til the press begins to ask similar questions and create doubts over COZ's direction and business model? Watch the likes of Woodside bail when this happens ...
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