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Global Blood Collection Systems Market 2012-2016

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    - Becton Dickinson & Co. (Market Cap: 27.5 billion)

    - Fresenius Kabi AG (Revenue: 20.3 billon)

    - Haemonetics Corp. (Market Cap: 2.2 billion)

    - Terumo Penpol Ltd. (Revenue: 4.2 billion)

    - Grifols SA (Market Cap: 4.5 billion)

    - Immucor Inc. (Acquired by TPG Capital for 1.97 billion)

    - Kawasumi Laboratories Inc. (Market Cap: 17.3 billion)

    - MacoPharma SA (couldn't find anything on this one)

    - Medigard Ltd. (Market Cap: 5.5 million)

    This little Australian company is mentioned alongside all these heavyweights. Medigard developed the vacuum retraction technology in-house. Medigard products contain fewer parts, are easier to manufacture and price competitive. Award for unique blood collection device.pdf

    ^Australian design award for unique blood collection device^

    This is a rare opportunity to get on board ahead of sales. Extensive product testing has found healthcare workers in the US and Australia unequivocally prefer Medigard's BCD to other products on the market.
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