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    Is it likely that Reddy's give up on Fonda? I don't think so. Is it likely that our Board sell us out short? Yes most likely. I invested my lifes savings in this company because I believed in the technology that Tracey Brown and her team delivered. Given the circumstances of the trial I appreciate the Fonda return, and it is a bonus, but I do not wish to give up on the HA potential. Why give it away. Can we not separate the Fonda revenue and the HA potential so we can all enjoy a return from Fonda in one hand and pocket the potential of HA in the other. There are people much smarter than I out here that I'm sure could deliver a deal such as this. Are these people on the Board? I'm not so sure. And I say to them all. Please move on, and do it quickly, and let us develope a plan for recovery for ourselves that actually takes our interests at heart. Is it possible that what Tracey has developed actually WORKS but the trial didn't. Is it possible that the 11th hour Board don't understand the human benefits. Is it possible they don't care. It is possibly they are only interested in lining their own pockets with gold on Traceys years of effort. Is it possible they don't give a rats about our investment and just want to move on to their next appointment. YES is the most likely answer to me. Here is a thought. BUGGER OFF. Let the people who care run the company and give us Shareholders with faith something to look forward to. Yours Sincerely every Shareholder.
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