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gippsland retrospective 2009

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    I was thinking of doing a Gippsland retrospective, looking back over the 2009 HC posts. Unfortunately, after only a quick look, I realized that too many had done 180 degree turns, with twists along the way too.
    For instance, only twleve months ago, v3 was declaring that GIP was a lost cause and he would never be investing in the stock again. At the same time we were lapping up Transmeta's adventures, reported from the holy-ground in Egypt.
    The retrospective would have been a great read, BUT, the vacillations of GIP investors, myself included, no doubt, would need a lot more time, than I've got available, to do it justice.
    Suffice to say, most of us are still here and, although our emphasis has changed over the year, we still have the same final objective.
    As Fluffynymph once wrote (I think it was he/she) "If anyone deserves a break it's the Gipsters." Well said Fluffy, and we're still looking for it - that break.
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