gingo attacks korean tourist

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    Hmmm was this self defence?.

    DINGO patrols have been stepped up on Fraser Island in southeast Queensland after a tourist was surrounded by a pack of five and bitten multiple times.
    The Korean woman was set upon on at Eurong Beach early on Sunday morning, the Department of Environment and Resource Management said.

    Regional Manager, Ross Belcher, said although there were five in the pack, it was only one that became violent.

    "The woman was bitten on the leg, hands and arms," he told AAP.

    She apparently followed safety advice and responded assertively towards the dingo, causing it to retreat.

    She was treated at the scene and did not require hospital care.

    Mr Belcher said safety patrols around the area have increased because of the attack, and authorities will do tag checks to try to identify the culprit.

    The latest incident occurred near a township where most human-dingo interactions have occurred in the past.

    Mr Belcher warned people again not to feed the wild dogs, saying they're unpredictable and dangerous.

    "Dingoes that get easy access to food will learn to depend on and approach humans, increasing the risk of an attack," Mr Belcher said.
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