gillards socialism view

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    Gillard is a Market Socialist by definition.

    Theoretically, the fundamental difference between a traditional socialist economy and a market socialist economy is the existence of a market for the means of production and capital goods under market socialism.

    The carbon tax.

    Market socialism also refers to an economic system that utilizes a free price system, with public ownership being reserved to "strategic" sectors of the economy.

    Within this model, the state would utilize market mechanisms to direct economic activity, including the use of (external) regulation over the otherwise autonomously-operating enterprises. This allows for the public enterprises to function in a decentralized fashion.

    The will goverment tax carbon and control which industry makes a profit . This is far reaching which means Australia becomes a market socialist state. When welfare is imposed on a Country and there is no longer a choice it has become socialist.

    Gillard has developed a unique way of using the tax system to alienate "strategic" sectors and form a madatory welfare state.
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