gillard reveals why she knifed kevin

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    snipit:..."A year later all three issues continue to be problems for the Government, but Ms Gillard rejects the proposition that she still hasn't found her way."

    "Julia Gillard reveals why she knifed Kevin Rudd.

    JULIA Gillard has revealed that she knocked off Kevin Rudd as prime minister because he had no sense of purpose or plan for the future.
    As her approval rating sits at a record low amid speculation about her leadership, Ms Gillard indicated it was Mr Rudd's political paralysis rather than poor opinion polls that led her to make the biggest decision of her life.

    Speaking ahead of the 12-month anniversary of Mr Rudd's dramatic overthrow, Ms Gillard gave The Courier-Mail a rare insight as to why she toppled her leader.

    "We had lost a sense of purpose and plan for the future," Mr Gillard said.

    "We didn't have a clear plan as to how we were going to deal with a set of difficult questions or a clear plan generally about where the Government was driving towards.

    "What I've done as Prime Minister is injected that sense of clarity of purpose."

    Ms Gillard approaches Friday's anniversary of her rise to power with her personal approval rating in Newspoll at 30 per cent as she prepares to release the controversial carbon tax package in the next few weeks.

    But she warned that poll numbers might not lift until after the tax begins in July next year and anxious voters "live it" and see the effect of the whole package and compensation on their daily life.

    Labor's primary vote is at its second worst ever level of 31 per cent. The worst was 30 per cent under her in March.

    Mr Rudd's numbers were never that low and there has been rumblings this week that he wants to return to the leadership, although his support in the Caucus is said to be barely 11 votes out of 100.

    Mr Rudd yesterday rejected as "just a fabrication" reports that he and Ms Gillard had a screaming match on Thursday and denied he wanted to be PM again.

    "Everyone needs to pop a Mogadon here. The answer to your question is 'no'," he told ABC TV.

    But he has also shed some light on his feelings a year after his downfall saying he would learn from his "kick in the guts" and he was a "stubborn bastard" who would not let the buggers get him down.

    He said a lesson he had learnt since being deposed was that he failed to listen to his colleagues.

    "The important thing, though, if you're in public life, or life in general, when you cop a kick in the guts, is to learn from it, and then if you learn something from it not to sit around and mope, but to get on with it. I mean, I'm here for the duration. I'm not going anywhere," he told Qweekend's editor Matthew Condon in today's exclusive interview.

    And appearing on Channel 10's The Circle program he said he was not after Mr Gillard's job and she would lead Labor to the next election.

    "I believe that we'll be under Prime Minister Gillard's leadership through until we contest the next election . . . it's important we get behind her because of the challenges we face."

    On the day she became PM, Ms Gillard said Labor was a good government that had "lost its way" and she specifically named the super profits mining tax, asylum seeker policy and climate change as the three problem issues.

    A year later all three issues continue to be problems for the Government, but Ms Gillard rejects the proposition that she still hasn't found her way.

    Ms Gillard is in Brisbane today where she will address the party faithful at the Labor state conference, where Mr Rudd is not speaking."

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