Gillard pops up again

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       –,  Tuesday,   February,  03,  2015,  (9:48am)

    Why didn’t the Sydney Morning Herald point out Julia Gillard’s rank hypocrisy?

    “Why did you fight to not knight Prince Philip?” asked state Labor candidate Verity Firth in front of about 250 people packed into a Sydney bar on Monday night.
    “I had this clearly eccentric idea that Australian honours should be for Australians,” Gillard replied with a cheeky grin, as the crowd - which included federal deputy opposition leader, MC Tanya Plibersek and social commentator Jane Caro - roared with laughter.
    Really? Has Gillard forgotten that she gave an Order of Australia to Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar?
    The Prime Minister revealed the rare honour during a visit to New Delhi, where she met with children in a slum playing cricket.
    “This is a very special honour, very rarely awarded to someone who is not an Australian citizen or an Australian national,” Ms Gillard said.
    “(It is) a very special recognition of such a great batsman...”
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