gillard / mcternans latest diversion...

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    now wants an inquiry into the Catholic Church. Isn't Tony Abbott a Cathlic? Hmmm funny about that.
    The goose Frazer has stuck his nose in and agreed as well, is Turnbull going to step in as well?

    Sure agree there has been some nasty stuff going on occasionally in the name of religion, and unfortunately it has done a lot of damage to some innocent people. I do not condone any immoral or illicit activities, and religious zealots have certainly carried out atrocities for centuries.

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Obama's re election have some religious overtones to it on occasion? is this the first part of the McTernan instructed Gillard along with Labor's hate fest toward anything conservative?

    All respect to those athiests among us, but Gillard has no respect for religion, so what a great opportunity to stick it into Tony Abbott, wait for the connection, or will she hope the electorate connects him with the Catholic Church.

    What a piece of work this person Gillard is, I have no time for her what so ever, just a no body imo...
    Refuses to set the record clean about her own questionable activities, now wants to throw mud at everything around her in an attempt to divert attention!
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