gillard lowers the ceiling

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    Quoting intro - part of new and brilliant Pickering's latest on Gillard - Australia's now parlous state under this so-called "Prime Minister" magnficently summed up by him:-

    "PM Gillard’s spike in the polls was paid for in Parliamentary ethics. Blokes used to respect each other in the good old days. Even Whitlam and Fraser, but Gillard and her crew have changed all that... and probably forever.

    The disgusting invective that seems somehow tolerable coming from a female but not from a male is nasty, vicious and catty. Personal attacks a male has difficulty deflecting without stooping to her depths of depravity. Abbott has so far refused to go there.

    The morsel of respect I once had for her has evaporated. There is nothing left to respect about this foul mouthed woman who is lauded by her equally obnoxious front bench..."

    end of quote excerpt -

    The whole article is superb - and should be mandatory reading - IF you even assume you love your country. Hair standing on end cringe ugly stuff - and OH so true! Pickering deserves a medal for this - moreso, an Order of Australia, he's so on the ball patriotic. And he makes nothing out of his daily publication. Whilst Gillard gets more than the President of the USA! Sick!

    Australia's public office standard's trashed forever by HER spite and invective is the thrust of it.

    And OUR women - most clueless as to the realities and moral and ethical depravities of these lies and plottings inherent in her and her Party's daily invectives -
    actually lauding her? Sick sick sick!

    And dumb women produce dumb children. And so the lies are perpetuated - and even approved.
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