gillard is the biggest joke of all-time

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    One off-purchases such as electric blankets? Don't they run on power? LOL and this is all part of the safety net for the Carbon Tax. Imagine all the electricity being used by those coal power stations to keep everyones bed warm! Labor are hypocrites.

    How can she reassure every Australian when we all went to the polls being told there will be no Carbon Tax. It's impossible for you to reassure anyone Julia.

    What happened to Julia's 30th June deadline on the full details?? Just another Labor lie.

    The Prime Minister's "safety net" is designed to cover unexpected costs such as higher power bills in harsh winters or one-off purchases such as electric blankets.

    As she sought to reassure everyday Australians about the cost-of-living impact of the tax, the PM said the 20 per cent cushion would be paid in the form of tax cuts and higher benefits.

    The government is refusing to release full details of the carbon tax until it strikes a deal with the Greens and independents

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