gillard hard sell

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    Emu Plains family -

    Gillard meets them.
    All are in love with the Carbon Tax.

    The 11 year old girl likes it as they have debated it at school - (bet she has) and it "saves the environment."
    So all her family meetgs in homes will be with hand-picked believers.

    Penrith Plaza turned into a photo opoortunity - kissing babies - but NO discussions about carbon tax with anyone.
    Just the usual patting ang giggling. The election campaign has begun!

    Gillard refuses to "appear" on 1377MTR in any circumstance whatsoever! Assume that inclouded 2GB and Alan Jones, etc.

    If this scheme was so great - any decent PM would be proud of it - condfident in it - and happy to debate it with anyone.

    But, like her scientists, Gillard only goes to the ones she already has in her pocket. (Figuratively speaking!).

    I find that the ultimate in cowardice!

    Well - almost. Not having an election is the real yellow back.

    What IS it with this awful woman that she is so able to keep ON destroying Australia with impunity?

    Hazelwood - 800 jobs will go.

    8000 coal jobs will go under Brown.

    Thousands of others to come. She doesn't give a hoot. Her bank balance is very healthy!

    Gillard telling us we've got a great future.

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