gillard gets it wrong again on q&a

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    Gillard has become a pathological liar.

    Again she claimed Thatcher backed what she is doing but this is just another lie.

    Julia really does need help. I think she may have pseudologia fantastica, mythomania, or pathological lying is one of several terms applied by psychiatrists to the behavior of habitual or compulsive lying.

    On Q&A last night, Julia Gillard:

    - dodged a question about her duty to seek an electoral mandate first before imposing this huge, risky and controversial tax.

    - dodged again a question on how her tax would affect the climate, and whether the effect was so small as to not be worth the effort.

    - again adopted her fatally patronising pitch, even suggesting we should be embarrassed at being beaten by those pesky New Zealanders who had (a very small) emissions trading scheme already. ("Just joking," she trilled.)

    - got picked up even by warmist Tony Jones on her deceit at pretending China was cutting its emissions, when it is actually replacing small coal-fired power stations with huge ones, sending total emissions soaring.

    - was appealed to by a believer who captured the conceit of both of them by begging Gillard to use "simple" language so her "dear old mum" could be persuaded.

    - repeatedly used the deceit of calling carbon dioxide "pollution" without once being corrected by Jones.

    - twice dodges an invitation to debate Tony Abbott on the science of global warming.

    - again falsely claimed Margaret Thatcher backed what she was doing.
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