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    havent posted on hotcopp for ages, probably cos im on vacation in europe right now(and have been for a while), but back in oz in about 2 weeks.

    Hope you all got a few IGO, used to post about this stock way down in 30c terrirtory...brunette two would know since she used to rubbish me and this stock...oh and BSG at sub 20c too. So much for her charts.

    Anyway, just want to reassure you all that this stock is by no means a sell now that it has run hard...it is in my view a $1 stock (previously my target was 60c), probably within the next 6 months (this is mainly based on at least half of the pillar ore (half is 20000 tonnes) being extractable which would add 3 years to minelife, ie 50% increase). Huntleys has also come out with a new recommendation (valuing at 80c), you can see it in a recent igo post on ozestock.

    You can see me in the top 20 list at the IGO website (which is udated at the stat of every month) to ensure that im not ramping and selling...im at number 18.

    PS BSG is still worth a BIG look...ive got mainly options these days, better leverage though the cautious should buy the shares. As you can imagine, im pretty happy right now.



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8 81769 $4.00

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$4.01 8913 1
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$3.99 $4.06   $3.98 438245
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