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    Pancreatitis is a deadly disease for any I know who have had it . One more red wine Marky and you're gggggggggooooone !. OR is he vainly hoping for some sympathy ???????? Sorry "man boobs", no chance! You did your worst to denigrate the best Prime Minister this great country has ever had, now it's your turn to suffer the ignominity of so many poor so called Labor "LEADERS" before you ! Disappear Mark with humility so we can all get on to our next subject of mirth, perhaps the big boofheaded laughing boy Beazley(who at least had the opportunity of stuffing a few things up for Australia eg Collins class South Australia submarines with no canteen---------and overpriced !); OR perhaps someone out of "LEFT" field----surprise, surprise, but who knows who ???????? The Labor Party is a disgrace ! It's about time they did the right thing by Australia and excommunicated the "lefties" for the bad dream that they always were and got on with trying to provide a realistic oppostion that would really test the government of the day.
    More power to "SIR" JOHN HOWARD, and THAT you heard first here !
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