The AEC have this on their site for the 2019 election. I wonder...

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    The AEC have this on their site for the 2019 election. I wonder how many will even read it. Our system is a pox given that voting is compulsory (or at least turning up at the booth) if you don't want to cop a fine Great democratic process, and given the vast number of voters who are misinformed, ill informed or apathetic. The result is a government elected by people who have no idea of policies they are voting for and a government that is reluctant to educate the public on how their votes count in the long run.
    "What is electoral disinformation. Electoral disinformation is a type of information spread regarding the election that could potentially deceive voters – either by design or unintentionally. It may also be called misinformation or ‘fake news’.This election you could come across disinformation in a range of communication channels, including online - a powerful communication channel used to spread electoral information quickly and widely. Like any powerful tool, online communication channels are vulnerable to being misused to spread disinformation that can incorrectly inform voters."
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