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getting events into perspective

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    This is about sales,not production (sorry). Recent events relating to Rex and Ruby are worth putting into perspective. You cant help but feel better about Maes future when you look at the figures. Until about "now" only 20% of central and southern Rockies gas could be consumed locally (in Utah,Wyoming,Colorado and Nevada ,principally). 80% HAD to be shipped elsewhere to find a market. The pipelines could in no way handle the flow last Aug,sept and Oct,resulting in appalling prices (like 80c,$1.10 even as low as 20c one day). These are the 2006 gas consumption figures for residential,commercial and industry users by state EXCLUDING consumption for generating electricity- Utah -1202 million Therms;Wyoming- 653 mTh; Colorado- 3189 mTh. Californias figure was 15,272, New York states figure was 8588 and New Jersey states figure (including most of the suburbs of New York city) was 4853. You still have to add in the figures for electricity generation- California uses 50% of its gas purchases for this purpose so the Ca. total consumption figure is over 30 mTh. I dont know what to add to all the other figures but Ca. is renowned for burning a lot of gas to produce electricity.And remember that Ca. produces only about 4.5mTh (15%) of the 30mTh .So it becomes abundantly clear what piddling amounts of Rockies gas are consumed near the Rockies,even in winter ,and what an affect opening up Ca. to gas from the Rockies via Ruby in addition to supplies from its sole present Rockies supplier (The Kern River Transmission System) might do for producers like Mae . Rex and Ruby are lifelines for the Rockies producers,and there are going to be 2 of them.
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