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    Jwfc, the former PM had many Achilles heels, of which an inability to speak off the cuff was only one.

    I think your post can be safely filed under: if it's too hot in the kitchen, get out. Another of Abbott's blind spots was his inability to weigh up where he was, how he got there and where he was going next. Another unpeeled brown onion sir?

    I am but a viewer of the intriguing dynamic between the 7.30 report and federal politicians.

    But i recall an interview by Kerry O'Brien when he was cock of the roost on 7.30 pm and John Winston Howard.

    Howard knew that he had to get the better of O'Brien at some point and this particular interview was the time and the place.

    O'Brien threw everything he could at Howard but could barely take a trick.

    JWH didn't exactly slay the dragon either but the 7.30 report held no fear for him after that bruising encounter.

    The point of the story is politicians can choose to start telling the truth and answering questions that are asked. If they don't, won't or can't do that, too bad. The media has the right to ask politicians anything they want.

    If the general public don't get this, switch to Fox News.
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