Get Rid of Abbott

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    Surely its time for the liberals to wake up and dump Abbott.

    The timing of announcements just days before the Victorian election and now the Queensland election (knighthood of Prince Phillip) are just bizarre. Its almost if the Federals think their best hope of being re-elected to is to have Labor state governments ... and they may well be right.

    Toxic Tony's do now and ask for forgiveness later style might be amusing for dinner party antidotes but when your actions severely affect other people .. such as wantonly destroy the careers of quite a number of Queensland liberal politians, its a sign of a destructive confrontational're playing with fire.

    I don't vote liberal or labor but the last thing we need is another Labor federal government!!!! get rid of Tony before the electorate does.

    Personally, I would go for Scott Morrison.. definitely not the allegedly Murdock stooge Turnbull.
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